Date         Re:House INSPECTIONS( SM Properties) _Year End – General procedure.

 contract end date  Monday  31 AUGUST  BY AFTERNOON  1 PM________________

    Now your studies should  be going well or near finished ,you should all be cleaning and tidying up as soon as possible . Please notify me of your preferred inspection slot  for inspections commencing end of AUGUST .Inspections can be carried earlier  by request  from the tenants if they are leaving early only. You should do your fair share of cleaning of the communal areas .Any damage should be reported for any deduction in deposit.

 Normally inspections will  take 1/4 an hour . Then the day you are due to leave the landlord may meet you at the house to collect the keys(by default) or they can be left on the table of your bedroom/bedroom door (landlord must be notified before if you wish to leave keys in your bedroom table/door )  ,or if you want to return them by post you much first ask the landlord for special permission.

              The Deposit will be put into your bank accounts , so do not close your UK bank account early. It must be reminded that it is a breach of the contract to use your deposit as last months rent. Please note your meter readings few  days  before the end of your contract  .Please request the final bill to be sent . Failure to do so could cause delay in receiving your deposit back. All final bills must be requested for all properties( Must see the full final bill with the closing meter readings )i.e GAS, ELECTRIC and WATER(sometimes council tax bill if you are not a student). Deposits will not normally be returned straight away  after the contract due to the sheer workload for the landlord , but will be returned according to the relevant  tenancy deposit procedure  or  within 10 days  of requesting them with due regard following the correct deposit procedure, having complied with  the deposit procedures fully BELOW. For tenants in shared houses leaving early , there is a bill form that the remaining tenants must sign to say you have paid your fair share of bills.

 Please note you must remove all your own rubbish in the bins provided for the property .No rubbish should be placed outside the premises. If you have many black bags then you should make your arrangement for removal . NO RUBBISH TO BE LEFT IN THE GARDEN (to be placed in bins provided).  If the house is not clean , then a cleaner may have to be employed to cover the cleaning and this will be charged by the tenants Please note we reserve the right to ask for  evidence  of  forwarding address before administering deposits, especially if the bills have any issue. It is your responsibility to tell the Utility suppliers of your move and note the meter readings accordingly  and forward them to the landlord also ( for prepaid meters).

     The  deposit will be returned as soon as the following have been complied with. This information is ONLY  relevant to  tenants who’s contract ENDS 31 AUGUST 2020

  1. House inspection complete, be arranged within last few days  and a follow up in the last days ,if necessary) or sooner. All house to be fully cleaned ,along with all rubbish and personal belongings removed, any personal items left will be disposed of. SO please DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE PERSONAL BELONGINGS . This will be required for the final inspection. IF YOU HAVE TOKEN CARD/STICK  FOR YOUR ENERGY THESE MUST BE LEFT NEXT TO YOUR ON/NEAR FUSE BOX WHICH IS LOCTED INSIDE YOUR HOUSE
  2. evidence(copies) of bill statements to the landlord. You should receive a bill that is the final bill to close the account( includes all houses) except the houses that have had an extension of contract.,for advise contact the landlord  ASAP.
  3. All keys must be returned by the last day . If any keys are not returned on time it may be necessary(as a last resort) to change locks for incoming tenants for security purposes ,the costs of this will be deducted from the deposit ,KEYS return times 10 am – 5 pm   31 AUGUST  2020  and  anytime earlier  or by arrangement with landlord(writtten consent). .Please do not leave things to the last minute. as a general rule .If the keys are not returned on time then will be  charge of £  unless by agreement by landlord written consent.


         Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 07717507626 or 0113-2168803.  It is also absolutely essential that the new tenants will want to move in on the 1st day of their contact with no problems at all . if  any new tenants are scheduled to move in.


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