>we are a group of students want to sign for your house . when can we meet to sign? what is the process?

The process is simple. Once you have decided you want it . you will all need to sign the contract . You will need to bring your deposit as Cash , or Cheque or you can pay online( you will have to ensure funds are received at the time of contract signing).

You will need to bring your student ID and further prove of address and ID ; sign and get a copy of contract .thats it in most cases. For all internatinal students you will need to have a valid VISA

> Do you have any sign on fee or adminatration fee when sign for a contract?

No. Just your deposit , which of course is returnable for the contract commitment 

> Is our deposit protected ?

Yes , all deposit take by law , must be protected . 100% secure. We will also sign  and and send you a certificate of deposit protection 

>Have you got properties close to the Leeds university student accomodation also ?

Yes , many of our properties are located close to the leeds university student accomodation of Henry Price , Moutague Burton , Leodis and Charles Morris and Lyyon hall , normally within 5 mins walk .OF COURSE ALSO CLOSE TO THE CAMPUS AND SOME CLOSER TO CAMPUS

>How can we book accomodation online?

Having looked at our website and those properties available to rent online, then please

1>email smproperties@gmail.com .

We will normally reply to you within 24 hours and ask you for your proof of a place at University such as CAS or offer letter.

2> send CAS or offer letter ,along with ID 

3> we will vary and prove and send details along with the contract  ( a deposit is required to secure the room)

4> Pay the deposit

5> issue receipt online and FINALLY room reseved confirmation

>Can i book a room anytime of the year?

Yes, we have flexible lettings . As long as you are a ful-time student and their is suitable accomodation avaialble .

>Am a girl , can i choose or can you help be find a house with where all are girls ?

Well , by request we can try to allocate you with people you may like to live with , but we cannot always gurantee who you may live with . You are always advised to come and visit the property .


>where do we pick up the keys ?

You can arrange either to come to the office or meet at the property .

>My flight from China or Malaysia, will arrive in the UK  at night ,can i collect the keys at midnight?

Well normally we would like you to collect the keys during office hours , However, we maybe able to cater for this by request.

>How much are bills  approx?

Well this all depends on usage and consumption. But normally the bills inclusive option for landlords normally charge £ 15 per week  per person(GAS- the gas bill normally the most expensive bill around  £3 to 5  per week per person Assuming you use this for the heasting and hot water(using electricity as a form of heating will normally be more expensive),ELECTRICITY and WATER and INTERNET). for an average shared house around 4 or 5 people sharing .We suggest if your economical and dont waste energy , you should be able to get in down to £ 10 per week per person. Again these are only guidelines to help and the amount could vary depending on service provider and supplier and energy use behaviour.

>Are your properties have internet access?

YES. our properties have internet access.

> Am an international student and may need extra help with know how things work in  the proerty in this country , how to register for bills , how to use this gas cooker  or heating system etc?

As standard , S M Properties  we have developed a 14 page  tenant handbook which explains everything in easy to understand language . You can also contact S M Properties for any help .

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